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Dedicated and experienced professionals who enjoy the thrill of selection technology projects and the satisfaction of solving business problems.

In the market for an ATS? Considering a new vendor or new integrated service? Let us be part of your selection process.

Our team has experience on both the vendor and client side. As an independent voice we can help you find the features and systems that meet your talent goals. Our extensive network and vendor relationships can help you navigate the process. ”

High functionality talent technologies can be high complexity. As your business changes so do your needs. Talent technology configuration is an iterative process and may require some enhancement to meet current realities.

Our knowledge base is deep and wide and you can count on us to deliver practical solutions. Your definition of success is ours, and we won’t forget the people in favor of the technology.

Integration is critical in today’s talent technology environment. Systems produce data which is only as good as its integration into processes, other systems, and reports. The ThinkTalent team includes dedicated resources who can be part of your project and really speak, and understand, both the business need and the technical requirements.

From the end-user’s perspective, nothing that happened before go-live counts. What counts is how the system performs going forward, and where to go for help. Everyone on the ThinkTalent team understands client service and our first goal is your success. Whether you need training, systems administration, escalation or ongoing end-user support we can tailor a strategy with you. We can support all in-house selection technologies and give you insight across your organization.

A well designed system has great functionality and allows its users to exercise independent judgement. Judgement is informed, in turn, by data. How is your system performing? Who is using which features? And what is your talent pipeline?

We understand the feedback loop that needs to happen. Let ThinkTalent help you develop reports that provide critical insight into your processes, practices, and compliance. We have extensive report-building experience both with the native tools of your talent technologies and with third-party tools.

A selection strategy drives the technology selection, but are you getting the most out of your technology? To optimize your talent selection it might be time to look at your sourcing, pre-screening, screening, and interfaces. Our Taleo System Audit methodology provides a comprehensive review. Our pre-screening libraries are customized by industry and effectively uses behavioural interview techniques. Put your data to work with our SEETalent offering.

Upgrades and System Migrations:
Its been a long time since you went from paper to an ATS, and then to a Talent Acquisition System. Now its time for a change and you don’t want to lose the lessons of those years baked into your recipe. Maybe you want to take advantage of some new features from the upgrade, or perhaps you just need to ensure inter-operability of systems. ThinkTalent has helped many clients successfully migrate to new hosted software, doing business analysis, configuration, project management, training and support.

Moving in a new direction?

If you're looking to work with a small company with big company results, ThinkTalent wants to work with you. When you want results, Think Talent.

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