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HR Service Delivery Implementation Services

HR Service Delivery Implementation Services

Knowledge, Case Management and Employee Service Center

What would your HR teams do if they had more time to be strategic? What positive change could they bring to the lives of your employees? If you had the ability to take the transactional, repetitive tasks that HR delivers each day and package them in a way that ensures employees are able to easily and completely engage with HR on the topics that come up most frequently and free up your HR resources to make more impactful change- would you do it? Make the investment in your employees and answer yes. Partner with ThinkTalent to bring Knowledge and Case Management to your organization and transform the way HR services are delivered within your organization.

Employee Service Center

  • Create a “front door” to HR to ensure your employees have one place to go for all things related to HR
  • Brand the Employee Service Center portal with images, colors, fonts, and layouts of your choosing
  • Tailor the display to certain populations to ensure that each employee sees only relevant content


  • Identify the content your employees need to know and create knowledge articles that allow employees to quickly search for and find answers to their questions
  • Tailor content to employee populations, ensuring that employees find the right answer to their question
  • Leverage the rating system to ensure that employees can provide feedback on the content; leverage the feedback to make continuous improvements to the knowledge library

Case Management

  • Allow employees to create cases for questions that require more expertise to address
  • Automatically route cases to the most knowledgeable team for accurate resolution
  • Track and measure what types of questions are being asked, how long resolution takes and identify where more investment in knowledge articles can help continuously streamline HR Service Delivery

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