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Our Team

Our Team

With an unmatched combination of practical, functional and technical expertise, ThinkTalent brings the experience you can count on.

We are constantly reminded of why we love Taleo consulting when a customer challenge brings the team together in a collaborative storm of ideas. We base our company culture on an engaging, positive, get-it-done approach that is embodied in every member of the team. Our team believes in an honest effort, integrity and a commitment to our customers. Through our proven track record of hundreds of successful implementations and optimizations, we strive to deliver the best consulting experience possible. We care about each other and the clients we work with, which shows in our long-term partnerships.


Patrick Foss

President and Founder, Patrick started ThinkTalent after spending 6+ years in key roles at Recruitsoft/Taleo. As employee #150 at RS, he was instrumental in the development and delivery of the implementation services. A 30 year (holy cow) veteran of HR, technology and recruiting, he has spent the last ten leading ThinkTalent to become THE client trusted Taleo partner. Patrick is also a founding partner of Excelsior Brewing Company, the 205th largest microbrewery in the US in 2015. Away from the office you will likely find him on the lake with his family.

Nicola Gray

Nicola joined ThinkTalent as the first employee in 2007. With 15+ years of HCM customer success, Nicola oversees global implementations and optimizations, and building client teams into highly referenceable rock-stars. Before joining ThinkTalent, Nicola was a National Account Manager with Taleo, where she managed a $100M+ contingent program. Nicola is an alum of the University of Florida – “go Gators!” with graduate work at Johns Hopkins University. Nicola's freetime is often spent baking and spending time with her family.

Katie Selvey

Katie provides expert guidance to help solve the most complex client challenges. She is an industry recognized expert in helping clients through acquisitions, divestitures, system optimizations, implementation or ongoing support. Katie has worked with Taleo in various capacities for almost 15 years (started when she was nine). Katie, like most everyone at TT, implemented and managed Taleo on the client side in a large Fortune 1000 company. From caring for a family of six to helping fulfill client needs, Katie is thankful for a never-ending supply of coffee!

Jenn Boniol

Jenn is an Oracle Certified Specialist and Partner Network Certified Specialist. With 10+ years of experience on both the client side and the consulting side of Taleo, Jenn has expertise in recruiting, onboarding, performance implementation, optimization, functional consulting, and passport integrations. Jenn finds joy in helping her clients grow more confident in their own abilities. Growing up traveling the world as a military brat, she has always had a knack for global business. As a native Texan and rancher she enjoys living a country life with her family, y'all.

Brenda Kiffmeyer

Brenda is a self-proclaimed “Taleo nerd." With 15 years of experience, Brenda still owns some “RecruitSoft” swag from her days as a client. She was a Taleo System Administrator for a large global client. She was also the leader of several regional user groups and has always been active in the Taleo community. As a consultant, Brenda loves the balance of helping brand new Taleo clients “build” the perfect system as well as assisting current Taleo clients with system optimization, implementing new functionality and system clean-up. In her freetime, Brenda enjoys being outdoors. While she would never give up summertime, she especially loves SNOW!

Jocelyn Lindsey

Jocelyn began her career working with learning management systems before expanding into Talent Acquisition and other HR applications. Her ThinkTalent experience grew to include becoming an expert in onboarding, project management, vendor management, and training documentation. She also knows her way around TCC. She's specialized in recruiting technologies, with a strong focus on end-user experience and adoption, sustainability and Integrations. Jocelyn lives in Seattle with her happy little Pomeranian, Ryuk. His favorite things are squeaky toys, treats and greeting people who come to the house.

Anna Noren

Anna has over ten years of experience in designing, troubleshooting and training on Taleo reporting. She currently serves as a subject matter expert at ThinkTalent for Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) and Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BIP). Clients regularly describe Anna as understanding both the functional and technical perspectives of the system, with the communication skills necessary to transfer this knowledge to others. When Anna is not knee deep in reports she enjoys hiking, photography and cooking. You can often find her working on client dashboards or behind the dash of her speedy Audi.

Aron Asberry

Aron comes to the dance with 25 years of IT experience, 15 in technical integrations. Aron is one of those folks who sees in flow charts and data maps. His customer service approach has been recognized on many occasions for his 'can do' attitude. Aron is a frequent contributor to community forums and has published his own "Getting Started with TCC" videos on YouTube. His experience in developing new integrations, fixing issues and managing through upgrades has helped many clients who don't have extensive internal expertise. Away from work his hobbies include golf, Linux and gardening. How many other people do you know who list an operating system as a hobby?

Tim Orrange

A recognized guru in Oracle Business Intelligence for Taleo, Tim has almost 20 years of data analysis experience. His expertise spans multiple industries and disciplines including marketing, finance and human resources. Tim has developed multiple proprietary data analysis methodologies working with both custom and enterprise systems. He is active in the user community and facilitates various user groups and forums. Tim and his family enjoy spending time on the water together on their paddle boards and hanging out at the beach.

Lisa Marty

Along with Lisa's degree in Human Resource Management she has 27 years of experience working on the client side in Manufacturing, Health & Safety, Finance, Staffing and Recruiting. She has 7+ years of Taleo experience supporting and providing expertise on Taleo configurations, developing training materials, testing, analysis, and Onboarding. Wisconsin is home, but vacation spots include hockey rinks across the nation. Lisa is a true hockey mom who knows that a jersey is high fashion, Stanley is synonymous with sacred and icing isn’t just for cupcakes.

Jeff Druce

Jeffrey believes that HR technology can be your friend and is perhaps one of the most recognized community personalities. He has worked with Talent Acquisition systems for over 12 years both from the client perspective and as a consultant. Jeff has helped some of the world’s most successful companies, universities, and governments to successfully implement, and love their HR technology. Jeff has led the Taleo Integration (TCC) Special Interest Group for over 5 years where he loves solving the community’s detailed technical challenges. Before he came to talent acquisition, Jeff was a professional figure skater.

David Miller

David is a Project Manager and Technical Consultant with more than 250 weeks of experience in Talent Acquisition systems, implementing Taleo Recruiting, Oracle Social Sourcing, and Taleo Connect Client (TCC) integrations. Creating captivating candidate experiences via Oracle Social Sourcing and creating Taleo branding files are two things David loves helping clients knock out of the park. After work, you'll find David on a dance floor in a pair of Cookie Monster blue shoes or on an adventure with his dog Miss Foxxy.

Rebecca Küntz

Rebecca, with 10+ years of Taleo experience, has worked extensively with the Taleo Recruiting and Onboarding functionality, though she is better known for her Taleo Learn expertise. Starting from the early days, she can speak extensively to the Learn application as both an end user/system administrator and functional consultant. Originally from Cleveland, Rebecca now calls historic York, PA her home where she is the mother to her wonderful daughter and enjoys cooking and practicing yoga.

Lydia Pennington

Lydia brings over twelve years of global and Fortune 100 Human Resources experience to ThinkTalent. Her technical slant combined with her HR practitioner experience provides the perfect mix to be our ServiceNow HR Ninja. Before joining TT, Lydia built and administered ServiceNow HR for a global shared service. Her expertise in deploying and evolving complex Case Management, Knowledge Base and Service Centers coupled HR transformations highlight an exciting career so far. Her technical prowess serves her well as she delivers key analytics and guidance for ServiceNow HR. Away from work, Lydia and her family can be found volunteering, performing in and watching performances at the local community theatre.

ThinkTalent’s experience drives our desire for excellence. Learn more about our commitment to our customers today!

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