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Taleo Consulting - Upgrades

Taleo Consulting - Upgrades

A key benefit of Oracle HCM Cloud is the regular delivery of new features and fixes. As an Oracle Gold Partner, we test early versions of the release in our environment to ensure success for our clients.  ThinkTalent can help you develop a scalable version strategy as well as the methodology to evaluate, test, and implement new cloud releases. Our proven scripts, detailed testing, and combined team testing ensures a smooth upgrade experience.


Elements of an effective upgrade strategy include:

  •  Upgrade planning and scheduling          
  •  Feature release note review
  •  System fix and known issue evaluation
  • Advanced system testing
  • Staging deployment coordination
  • Configuration and testing
  • Production scheduling, training development, configuration, product testing and sign off

Many clients leverage ThinkTalent to develop a comprehensive cloud management strategy to govern new feature roll outs, user input and system administration. Developing an HR release schedule allows clients to migrate at a time that suits their business. If you need help charting a course for your company’s Taleo Enterprise upgrades, we can equip you to create a smooth transition.



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