What is so exciting about Taleo Learn, and why should any organization consider using Taleo’s Learning Management System (LMS)? The short answer: Taleo Learn is an incredible, flexible tool that can be customized based on the training needs of users.  It can be a simple library of eLearning or a complex curriculum with role based learning plans containing blended delivery methods for earning certifications or credits.

When Oracle provisions a new zone, it is a blank canvas – a white page with a link to the control panel.  From the beginning, it is up to the client to determine how the system is going to be designed and what features will be leveraged. This may seem intimidating for some, particularly if this is the first LMS for the organization.  For others, this may be an exciting opportunity, a chance to move from an old, clunky system to a fresh new platform that can address nearly every need and can offer a fun look and feel with a user-friendly interface. 

If you are considering Learn for your LMS, you can look forward to features such as mobile responsive widgets, dynamically assigned learning plans, surveys and assessments, web based training courses (SCORM, AICC or WYSIWYG), extensive reporting capabilities, eCommerce, sub portals, and tons more. It will be beneficial if you have a member on your team who is well versed in CSS and HTML5 for designing and maintaining your web pages and widgets, though non-tech savvy individuals will be able to create basic versions of both.  If there is a need for custom reports, it will also be helpful if you have a reporting analyst who is able to work in SQL, although there are dozens of reports that come standard. We are long-time users of the system (since the original Learn.com days!), and as your implementation partner, we will help you set up custom reports as well as determine which of the available features will work for your organization’s needs.  In fact, there are so many features available, it is likely they will not all be necessary, depending on the business model of the organization.

As the number of options increases with each enhancement release, so does the opportunity for administrators to take control over the tasks previously contracted to Oracle Consulting Services.  This is important for situations such as configuring SSO, integrating a non-Taleo HRIS with the Learn system, or importing historical data from a pre-existing LMS. 

You might be wondering what the HCM Learning tool has over the Taleo Learn module, and it is not a lot.  The biggest difference between the two, and a detail that may be the deciding factor, is that HCM Learning must be integrated with HCM Core. However, Taleo Learn can be integrated with any other HRIS, or it can be a standalone platform. This means you do not need another Taleo module to use Taleo Learn.  On the other hand, HCM Learning offers learning communities the ability for any user to create and upload training (similar to YouTube) while the social learning capabilities are limited to chat rooms and forums in Taleo Learn.  HCM Learning does not have eCommerce or standalone assessments or a variety of options for delivering training content. While they are continuing to develop new features for HCM Learning, the Taleo Learn module already has these established.

Oracle’s development team continues to find new ways to improve on their original LMS which means Taleo Learn has become, and will continue to be, a powerful tool for both admins and end users alike.  Taleo Learn is a robust, versatile LMS that will help any organization achieve its training needs.