Have you been thinking about ways to enhance your candidate experience by increasing your communication and managing your candidates after the offer process has begun?  Does your new hire hear nothing from you after they accept your offer?  Do you wish your new hire could be set up with a desk, computer, phone, etc. on their 1st day?

Many companies use Taleo’s standard electronic offer functionality to digitally extend offers and obtain acceptance by candidates.  But did you know that the Transitions advanced E-Offer functionality can create many different pre-boarding options?

Taleo advanced E-Offer is an onboarding process within the Transitions module that allows for both the extension of the offer digitally as well as additional forms, documents and videos for both the New Hire and Recruiting users to complete and allows for true signature validation.

The Transitions advanced E-Offer is simple to configure, and the E-Offer systems task is already included in the standard process.  Here are a few ways advanced E-Offer can work to your advantage:

-          Create a signed offer letter pdf to keep in your candidate’s file. Since a cover letter is required to create a PDF, I recommend branding one with your company’s logo and attaching it as a blank cover letter to the end of the Offer Letter on that electronic offer systems task within your process. Doing this shows the candidate the offer letter and your company’s Brand when they accept their offer, and that same format will be saved on the PDF.



-          Moving the background process into the Transitions modules allows for seamless collection of data from your new hire at the time of offer acceptance.  This eliminates the need to create a second pass application and sending an email link to collect their background information.   Everything can be collected right after they accept the offer and then sent over to your background vendor within an integration.  Several vendors are already Transitions passports integration certified. Additionally, all signatures are validated by a security setting of your choice, unlike in Recruiting where no true validation occurs.


-          Advanced E-Offer allows for a personalized welcome to the company.  You can create site-specific information & videos to be displayed to your new hire, and capture company agreements, such as dress code adherence and Non-disclosure agreements.  Collecting picture uploads for official document copies or badge photos is made much easier at the time of offer as well by using the file upload feature on a content page.



-          Are you tired of having new hires start on their 1st day without a computer or even a desk?  Use the advanced electronic offer process to have your Hiring Managers start the facilities request process.  They can complete forms collecting facilities and IT data to get your new hire working on their first day.  There is no reason to keep your new hire waiting days or even weeks to be settled.  Integrations can be included with multiple systems to aid in this information flow.


-          In addition to background and facilities/IT integrations, new hire integrations can be started at the offer time as well.  These integrations can include basic new hire data as well as PDF documents to be included within the employee file.


 The advanced E-Offer process is a simple way to get the most out of your electronic offer process. With these features, your company can save valuable time and resources by getting your new hires productive sooner.  It is the best way to acclimate them to your culture, start their background check and get excited about their future with your company using technology you already have in your Taleo Transitions package. Reach out for a free review of your offer process. We can help you build a business case for implementing/enhancing Transitions or for anything related to improving how you use Oracle Taleo.


by Jenn Boniol   jboniol@thinktalent.net