Were you affected by the recent changes to the Taleo, Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC), eShare approvals for requisitions and offers? This change caught many organizations by surprise and created quite a stir by presenting an authentication step that didn’t previously exist. For executives who may not have realized they had a username, let alone remember a password, the change was met with a few choice words.

Some users were able to mitigate the frustration by making adjustments within their Single Sign-on settings, while others have instituted delegations or approver proxies. The goal of adding a layer of authentication may have been achieved at the expense of our highest ranking users. Customers with Single-Sign-On who were able to make adjustments quickly experienced issues including the need to click links twice, not working on mobile devices, or needing to be on VPN before eShare works as expected.

Organizations without SSO or those who determined requiring an executive to be on a VPN for mobile approvals was not feasible to have attempted to make process changes. We’ve been a part of conversations where the change was proposed with the reason being “the software changed.” You can probably imagine how those meetings ended.

Ultimately, we noodled with some really smart customers and our internal team to try to solve authentication and ease of use issues presented by the change. As a result, we have created TALENTshare for seamless talent approvals. Tshare, for short, provides an increased level of authentication over the previously delivered eShare solution and better security from brokered communications.

TALENTshare provides seamless approvals for anyone utilizing corporate email addresses – on any device and anywhere in the world. Implementation is a breeze, and there are no process changes or training required.

Our solution leverages enterprise-class infrastructure and security to ensure maximum reliability and uptime. The approvals leverage The Cloud Connectors “Connect Every Ware!” Integration as a Service Platform and are developed and supported by ThinkTalent.



Please contact us to find out more information or see if this solution is right for your organization. We’ll also be conducting an informational webinar on November 16th to provide a demo and answer any questions.

For more information about TALENTShare or your use of Taleo, reach out below, and we can set up a time to see if we can help.

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